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TSC folding up shop (for now)

After five great years of keeping the flame burning at Transition Santa Cruz, the few of us who have been tending it during the past year at a "pilot light" level are ready to move on to new projects. This means that October will mark our final potluck and newsletter.

TSC October potluck: Heart and Soul Open Mic

Wednesday, October 23, 2013
6:30 pm - 9:00 pm
Live Oak Grange, 1900 17th Ave.

Free/by donation

Once again, we come together to share from our hearts and souls, in the form of songs, stories, movement pieces, poems, and more. Let's spend an evening honoring our right brains, where PowerPoints are never found but inspiration and common ground often is.

Special talents are not required, just something of special meaning to you. Please email to let us know if you would like to share something. Audience members are welcome too.

Potluck 6:30, program 7:30. Feel free to come to either or both!

Economic Common Sense

From Transition Santa Cruz member and local writer John David:

While I am primarily a musician, composer, and writer, I have been seeking the answer to the following two questions for most of my life: How did humanity get in such an unbalanced condition? and How can we create harmony on a planetary scale?

After the 2008 economic crash, I realized that the key is economics, which used to be my least favorite subject. A comment to an article on led me to Ellen Brown who wrote The Web of Debt, and more recently, The Public Banking Solution. She invited me to join her Google group which became a crash course in economics for me. This paper is my effort to write a short, yet relatively comprehensive, article on how our competitive economic system operates, and why it no longer serves us. The final section is an outline of the new cooperative economic system that is emerging worldwide.

Click here to read John's engaging article, "Economic Common Sense."

Santa Cruz 350 is ready for you

Last weekend, about 10 of us Santa Cruzans made the journey to Richmond (north of Berkeley) and marched 2 miles through the streets with a "Santa Cruz 350" banner, until we arrived at the target of our demonstration: The Chevron refinery, which spewed toxic wastes on the nearby low-income community during a fire one year ago.

We were not alone. Over 1,000 protesters of Chevron's disregard of their refinery's effects on the health of the local community, their sky-high greenhouse gas emissions, and their refining of tar sands oil joined us, organized in part by the inspiring global movement The energy was awesome!

August potluck: Move to Amend

Wednesday, August 28, 2013
6:30 pm - 9:00 pm
Live Oak Grange, 1900 17th Ave.

Free/by donation

Following a rousing presentation by Chris Finnie, the Santa Cruz County Democratic Club voted unanimously last week to endorse the nationwide Move to Amend campaign. The local branch of Move to Amend aims to put a measure on the 2014 ballot in SC County supporting the idea that corporations are not people and money is not speech.

In other words, the measure would overturn the idea that corporations have constitutionally guaranteed rights, for example to spend unlimited sums on political campaigns as upheld in the Supreme Court Citizens United ruling.

Potluck 6:30, program 7:30. Feel free to come to either or both!

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