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Cool Local Stuff
(also check out our "Resilience Partners" on the homepage!) 

350 Santa Cruz   The local branch of the premier international climate action organization, Formed in 2013, 350 Santa Cruz is organizing and participating in demonstrations and working on a fossil fuel divestment campaign for large local institutions.

TimeBank Santa Cruz   Part of the new local economy in the making. By joining theTimeBank, you can begin right away sharing your time and skills and receiving from others on an hour-for-hour basis.

The Hub for Sustainable Living The Hub is a non-profit and community center at 703 Pacific Ave., that supports skill-sharing, appropriate use of resources, and human-powered transportation. The location includes the Bike Church, People Power, Pedaler's Express, The Computer Kitchen, and SubRosa.

Reskilling Expo   Offering a twice-a-year all-day learning event focusing on a wide range of basic living skills.

The Transition Movement

The Transition Network    This is the place to go for the best overview of the international Transition Initiative movement.

Transition U.S.   The United States "mothership."

Transition Culture    The blog site of Rob Hopkins, originator of the Transition Movement.

The Transition Companion    To really understand Transition Initiatives, we highly recommend reading this inspiring and informative book by Rob Hopkins, available at Bookshop Santa Cruz.

Transition San Lorenzo Valley  Our sister Transition Initiative.

Information Resources

The Post-Carbon Institute   The non-profit group that Transition US is a part of, and another great resource. From here you can link to Global Public Media, a large library of articles, audio, and video about Post-Carbon-related topics, and Energy Bulletin.

Bay Localize   An inspiring non-profit based in Oakland. Bay Localize is not a Transition Initiative, but they have a similar focus on local resilience and have done some of the best work we've seen on uniting resilience concepts with social justice issues.

Energy Descent Action Plans  Many cities have undertaken plans to prepare for life after oil; see this page for a sampling.

Peak Oil and Energy Descent Talking Points  These are useful in explaining this widely misunderstood body of knowledge to public officials and others.

Lloyd's of London White Paper on Sustainable Energy Security   Very well-grounded and readable.